English speaking?

Windelwunderland - A place for all adult babies and diaper lovers (AB/DL) in Nuremberg where you can feel safe, loved, carefree and forget about your everyday responsibilities.

Our fully-equipped nursery will make your inner child’s heart beat faster: A big changing table, a comfortable baby bed, lots of toys, soft diapers, beautiful adult baby clothing, a big bath, yummy treats and much more awaits you at the Windelwunderland Nürnberg.

Our loving diaper-mums and nannies will pamper you, cuddle with you,  bath you, make sure you are well cared for, fed, oiled up, powdered and put in fluffy diapers. We offer everything in the range from loving and caring cuddle sessions to strict potty training, creative punishments and disciplining for naughty boys! Call one of our mommies to arrange a session or to step by and have a look at the nursery.

These are our English-speaking Mums:

  • Jane ( Vom 19.07. bis 20.07.2024 )